Monday, October 19, 2009

Avery Storm 'Category 5' Mixtape Available Now

Download Avery Storm 'Category 5' Mixtape here via his website:
Avery Storm - Category 5 Mixtape

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  1. I shot that image of Avery Storm.
    At first, we put together such an intense production schedule, I was sure that no music artist would be down to take it that far.
    When we got going however, Avery was mad into it,after traveling over 1 & 1/2 hrs to South Jersey, he attacked the shoot, we didn't even break for lunch!
    He's the man and deserves all the success he gets.

  2. Eric,
    Checked out your website. Very impressive portfolio, dig your pix. I'm an avid lover of photography, although not a photographer myself. Just finished the Helmut Newton biography. Saw his work in Berlin in 2000.
    You have a strong sense for detail, modern yet particular to each shoot.
    It's great to hear about artists who have a strong work ethic and I'm glad to hear your story about this Avery Storm shoot.
    Keep up the good work.