Thursday, July 15, 2010

Curren$y 'Pilot Talk' Hip Hop Reviews Are In

Hip Hop has spoken, all across the web the reviews are in and here's what is being said about Curren$y's long awaited debut Pilot Talk:

"Pilot Talk is a much more consistent listen that won’t have you skipping around for stronger tracks...he is a rare emcee in these times who actually honestly rhymes about his lifestyle"
All Hip Hop

" is a solid debut from a 29 year-old that brilliantly connects with younger fans"
Hip Hop DX

"The album is a beauty to listen to musically. It contains none of the retread production that you will hear, none of the hyper-masculine tough talk or drug talk that plagues so many releases."
Ill Planet

"’s a superior piece of work and certainly one of the better hip hop releases so far this year."

"After all the free material this dude has provided our iPods with, it’s only right y’all show support. I did."
2 Dope Boyz

"Pilot Talk impresses with its consistent switching of heavy ‘hood material and the infectious grooves which Curren$y performs well on in equal measure."
Soul Culture UK

Curren$y Pilot Talk on Island/Def Jam/DD172 out now!

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