Friday, July 30, 2010

Eminem The Road To Recovery Album Cover Photo Shoot

text via Rap Basement

In a new, behind the scenes video released on Eminem's official site, the rapper gives fans an exclusive glimpse into the cover art for his album Recovery.

The video shows Em braving the cold and shedding his jacket to take pictures in the 33 degrees weather while making sarcastic jokes to the photographer Nigel Parry, saying "Oh man, listen, take your time, listen, I am enjoying the weather so f---ing much!"

The notoriosly Detroit based rapper goes on to explain what the cover means to him: "It symbolizes, like, what my life is like right now because of the fame, but also kind of how I've had to remove myself from society a little bit, pull back to conquer my demons, my addiction and that whole thing, it also symbolizes me never leaving Detroit, you know? I'm kinda just sitting in the middle of Detroit, watching TV. And it's kind of my living room, where people are just walking by."

The video ends on a light note, first with Em and crew getting ready to shoot the second cover for the dual covered album, as well as a jokingly ranting Eminem keeping the crew from loading into the van, and standing in the cold while spouting off self help mantra's such as "You gotta take it one day at a time,".

Also at the end is the promise for additional behind the footage scenes from Recovery in a second episode.

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