Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mann 'Birthday Philosophy' Mixtape

Recently signed to Mercury/Def Jam, producer J.R. Rotem hand picked the Los Angeles native Mann to take the crossover hip hop world by storm.

About the project:

[July 20th, 2010] After the first two mixtapes Vintage Cutz and A Near Life Experience, then his radio single “Text” West LA, CA recording artist Mann is releasing what can only be described as a statement EP project where every person is encouraged to live every day like their birthday per Mann’s “Birthday Philosophy"

The Birthday Philosophy makes anything we can say an understatement when the music itself is the boldest statement to be made.

As Mann himself states, “"After sitting back and surveying the music scene recently I felt I had to step my game up... This EP is to say to people who aren't quite sure of who exactly I am as an artist, and why I am in the position that I'm in (i.e. Def Jam/Mercury/Beluga Heights). I'm much more than my single 'Text' showed people and I hope it comes through in this project"

The understated brilliance and cohesiveness of a project helmed by one producer/engineer in Redvision helps to answer this career balancing act of the mainstream music he has created with JR and his Hip-Hop roots that lead him to his record deal.

There comes a time when the whole of a man’s experience must be manifested in his art rather than simply a sum of all the parts he has picked up until then. A rubberband can only be stretched so far before it returns back to its original shape, and traveling around the country in support of various projects has finally brought Mann back home to the artist with the ingenuity to make it to Def Jam before this “Mann” could legally buy a pack of zig zags. An appreciator of music can listen to the final stages of an evolution of a West L.A. musician befall their very ears on Birthday Philosophy, and the best part about this, with Mann being a product of his environment in the best sense of the phrase, this is as much West L.A.’s album as it is Mann’s. Follow West L.A.’s evolution (Manns World) along with Mann’s. Treat every day like your birthday.

Download Birthday Philosophy here.

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