Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miguel: Pop Eater 'About To Pop' Interview

PE: How would you describe your sound?

Miguel: I would describe my sound as fly, futuristic, intergalactic freedom fighter rogue ill s---, on steroids [laughs]. No, I would describe my music as being honest. The sound is probably a mixture of funk, hip-hop and classic rock.

PE: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Miguel: Right now my biggest musical influences include Kanye West, Francis and the Lights, another band called Dom, Passion Pit. I always listen to J Dilla, anything he's done has been amazing, so Slum Village. Frank n Dank, Steve Spacek. Cameo is still also a huge influence on my music. Queen, and Prince.

PE: How have your past relationships influenced your songwriting?

Miguel: How have they not? I base a lot of my material on actual events. I can't think of a single song that is not based on some truth that I've lived. I think that's what makes my music stand out, because I think the honesty is apparent.

PE: What's the idea behind the futuristic video for 'All I Want Is You' and the cyborg girls?

Miguel: I wanted to accomplish something that was nostalgic, in the sense that there was familiarity in the setting, but have an intelligent twist to the video with the futuristic flair -- it mimics the vibe of the song. When you dissect the song, the '90s-era hip-hop drums, which represent the familiar, are juxtaposed with the delivery of the vocals, which are a more classic rock approach to typical R&B delivery, which I wanted the video to mirror. Alex Moors did an amazing job with it, so shout out to Alex Moors.

PE: Who would you like to collaborate with next? Are there any producers you'd really like to work with?

Miguel: I can't wait to spend a lot of time collaborating with my brother. I mean this when I say it -- he's going to be way better and doper than me at everything. That's what we want, right? For our siblings to be better? So I'm excited to collaborate with him, because his ideas, musically and lyrically, are really beyond me sometimes. We obviously have a close personal relationship, but on a musical level, he knows my taste, he knows my instincts and he can take that and run with it.

Aside from my brother, I'd love to work with Flying Lotus, Trent Reznor if possible, Kanye West, No ID, Dr. Dre, the Neptunes and many more.

PE: How has your life changed since you got a record deal?

Miguel: Honestly, that's kind of a trick question. My life didn't change that much when I got a record deal, but now that my first single is starting to get some recognition, being played in different markets and whatnot, not to mention the videos on MTV and VH1, it's kind of cool hearing from people who really like the music and dig the sound. They go out and dig for my other music and give me such great feedback. (source)

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