Monday, July 26, 2010

Shawn Chrystopher 'You And Only You' New Release Set For October 19th

via the press release

Recording artist Shawn Chrystopher is set to release his Sophomore LP, entitled "You, and Only You" on October 19th, 2010. After the widely popular debut album "A City With No Seasons" last year, and the ever-growing "The Audition EP" (released March 2010) Shawn is ready to get back to what he does best and provide listeners with an in-dept an artistic look into his life and everything that surrounds it.

"This album will almost be like a diary or journal of what's been going in my life. I feel that if you write about human experiences, you never limit your audience because these will be stories and emotions that we all go through on a daily basis."

After parting ways with Elitaste management, which Shawn considers being the "best decision I've made in my entire life," he's eager for the world to hear an album that won't be filled with the decisions and direction of people who he feels "dont care about the artistic nature of music."

"I dont regret many things, but I do regret my decision to be linked with them for the time that I was. I just got tired of the 'make music to make money' mindset and was ready to be an artist again. There was no true loyalty or love for music, everyone is just a check. I feel that if the money is supposed to come, it comes...but it will with me being who I am. There was just only so much I can take of going into the studio every night and being constantly forced to make a song for radio."

"You, and Only You" will feature production from Shawn and his production partner Cameron Wallace, as well as well-known producer Apple Juice Kid.

"When its all said and done, and everyone turns their back on have to make a choice to either quit or continue on," says Shawn. "When its you and only you, do you have the heart and strength to go on? This album will prove that I do."

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