Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beyonce Blowout In Belfast, Ireland Concert Recap

via the Belfast Telegraph

We were lucky enough to be witnessing the last night of Beyoncé's I Am...Tour. Of course, that's part of her recent album title but it's also what the show does. We saw many Beyoncés including an acrobat as the diva, who swept aloft on wires, performed somersaults way above our heads before returning to earth.

There was something unearthly and religious about the whole experience with the audience providing enough adulation to reverse decline in church attendance. After the acrobatics Beyoncé led the audience in a kind of singalong of To The Left. She had all sections of the Odyssey eating out of her elegant hands.

What also made the night special was the special effects from videos of Beyoncé apparently taming a leopard to super-dramatic entrances down rising stairways.

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Belfast Telegraph - Beyoncé has Belfast eating out of her hands

More fan shot footage below.

(video courtesy of ms302a & mairead1989)

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