Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blakroc: Get Your Very Own Blakroc Custom Car Edition

Girl not included.

as seen on Pitchfork

Here's what it comes with...

"the BlakRoc Camaro has been equipped with sleek, stylish accents that tie in with the BlakRoc brand." Considering all the flash and talk of "branding," we get a feeling Blakroc guru Damon Dash may be behind this glossy bit of synergy. And why not?! For those interested in buying one of these sleek vehicles-- USB port included!-- they're only on sale at Carl Black (!) Chevrolet in Atlanta and Nashville.

Learn more about the Blakroc Custom Chevy Camero Edition here:
Blakroc Camero

Blakroc: Pre Order The Album

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