Friday, November 20, 2009

Amoeba Music Store Gives Us Their November Hip-Hop Weekly Top Five

For anybody on the West Coast knows that Amoeba has the best music selection and artist in-stores of any music chain around.

The Amoeba store in Berkeley, CA gives their top five Hip Hop sellers the week ending 11/20.

1) Wale Attention Deficit (Interscope Records/Allido Records)

It may seem like Washington DC rapper Wale has been around for quite a while already and hence that he should be up to his third or at least second album by now. But in actuallity the justifyably hyped emcee is only just now releasing his debut, Attention Deficit on Allido via Interscope, which with much anticipation and numerous big name collaborators (particularly production) including Mark Ronson, Cool & Dre, The Neptunes, 9th Wonder, and Green Lantern, and Lady GaGa who lends her MIA inflected vocals to the single "Chillin" (already out many months and already a big hit - see video below) seems to be everyone's favorite new hip-hop release. Since it dropped last week Attention Deficit has been selling really well everywhere including at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store where it shot to number one with a bullet on the latest Hip-Hop Weekly chart.

2) FELT FELT 3: A tribute to Roise Perez (Rhymesayers)

And this 21 track CD rocks from start to finnish on songs including "Bass For Your Truck" (with a little "Everlasting Bass" sample), "Permanent Standby," "Revisiting the Styleetron," and "Get Cake." On the Rhymesayers produced "Get Cake" video below, which is more interview than music video, Slug - in a San Francisco doorway - breaks down why this latest Aesop Rock produced installment in the FELT series flows even better than its two predecessors, produced by The Grouch and Ant respectively. Oh and this is not a trilogy that ends here but rather an ongoing (perhaps never ending) series. Coming next, as announced in the final lyrics of the closing track "Paul Reubens," we know what to expect next, "Stay tuned, FELT 4: A tribute to Heidi Fleiss." Meantime if you only buy one new hip-hop CD this week, make sure it's this one.

3) Wu-Tang Meet the Indie Culture, Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep... (Ihiphop Distribution)

4) Gift of Gab Escape 2 Mars (Cornerstone/RAS)

5) Wyclef Jean From The Hut, To The Projects To The Mansion (R.E.D. Distribution)

Other new releases on the latest Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop chart are the new Wyclef Jean (From The Hut, To The Projects To The Mansion), the recommened new release from Quannum's Gift of Gab (Escape 2 Mars), and Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep.

This installment, which is the follow-up to 2005's Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1, melds the sound of the Wu Tang with Dubstep - which is a natural marraige of sounds and one that works real well with bass-thumping, pounding beats, (care.of such producers as Trillbass, Dakimh, Parson, DZ, Rogue Star, and Stenchman) injecting new life into old Wu-Tang vocal tracks.

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