Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wiz Khalifa Hometown Newspaper Feature

via Pittsburgh Post Gazette

After an amicable split (with Warner Bros.) allowed Wiz to keep music created under the label, he kicked off a whirlwind of activity including online videos, national appearances and the release of three mixtapes that included "at least 50 songs."

"I really figured out that these days, with how fast the game is moving and how fast the fans are able to access music, I gotta be able to make a lot of music and really just flood the streets and the Internet the right way," said Wiz.

"We did a little mini-tour this summer, which really helped kick things off for when school came back around. And with the buzz building up with everybody getting on to my music on a wider scale and a wider range, everything just picked up and fell into line."

But anything that fell in line for Wiz over the past year came as a direct result of his push, particularly online. Since last year, he has posted regular blogs and videos on a YouTube channel, written hooks and recorded songs during live webcasts on the site Ustream and drawn more than 41,000 followers to his Twitter account.

Read the full article here:
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Rapper Wiz Khalifa drops 'Deal or No Deal' after frustrating time with Warner Bros.

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