Monday, November 16, 2009

R. City: Artist and Songwitting Duo Interviewed

via BallerStatus You guys were songwriters before you own careers started taking off. How did you become involved in writing for other artists?

R. City: We got into the songwriting thing about three or four years ago because we wrote a song called "The Rain," back in seventh grade and we re-recorded it because everybody back home told us how good it was when we put it back out in the Virgin Islands. So we played it for Akon and he was working on his second album and did it. After he did it, everybody was coming up to us asking if we're songwriters, so we said "Yeah." Because at the time, we were broke. How did you get signed to Konvict Music?

R. City: We've known Akon for about six or seven years as of now and we're all good friends. At the end of the day, we did the deal Konvict because it made the most sense. He let us have full creative control because so many people would try to change us and put us into this box. We just rolled with Kon because he was friend for about two or three years before the deal and he was one of the few people who truly understood who we are, what we do, and what we represent. Do you feel that there's pressure to succeed because of all the success that the label has had so far?

R. City: We don't really get caught up in all the hype of clicks. Although we're signed to Konvict, no disrespect, but if Konvict were to start beefing with G-Unit or Ruff Ryder or whatever, we're not apart of that.

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