Monday, November 16, 2009

Melanie Fiona: L.A. Times Interview

L.A. Times: You have a very interesting background, with strong West Indian roots. How did your heritage inspire your music?

Melanie Fiona: I love my background. It’s fantastic. My family is from Guyana and they immigrated to Canada. I’m the only one who was born in Canada. I have the best of both worlds. Toronto is just great; I love everything it has to offer. That influence was in the house. My mom would sing and play music in the house when she was doing laundry or washing clothes. She just loved music and singing. My dad would come home from work and gig out in the basement. That gave me a good foundation. I couldn’t sleep without it, growing up. It naturally encouraged me to follow through with my talent.

L.A. Times: You opened for Kanye West. Did he give you any advice on your live performance?

Melanie Fiona: The best advice was watching him every night. He really puts his passion and his story into his shows. Him telling me, “when you’re onstage, that’s your moment. That’s how you win them over.” I love to perform live, it’s my favorite part of what I do. He loved what I was doing. When someone in the industry that you admire loves it, that’s the best feeling. The music I have is international, but it’s unknown. I get thrown onstage to open for Kanye, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” My focus was to entertain [the audience], connect with them. I was overwhelmed. They were loving and appreciating what I’m doing. People appreciate good music. That was an amazing first touring performance for me.

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