Monday, November 16, 2009

Fabolous On His New Reality Series & Upcoming DJ Drama Mixtape On Xmas Day

also via Six Shot

Fabolous wants to be one of the people filling your stocking this Xmas.

The Brooklyn rapper revealed to SocietyAndStyle that he will be release a free mixtape with DJ Drama this holiday season.

"The mixtape will be available for download on Xmas Day, that will be my gift to everybody," said Fab.

Fabolous is also working on a reality show that will focus on his life as a new father.

"I'm working on this reality show, with me and my son," Fabolous explained. "It's gonna be like, about young fatherhood where, well, not too young, but in the same token as being my first child and he's so young and me still being relevant in hip-hop. You know, having to balance my career being a father at the same time. And then me actually not knowing much about parenting. The struggling in there should be fun, having some funny points, I have some drama, I have a lot of ups and downs, it should be a good reality show. It's not crazy, I'm not searching for love on that Ray J sh**."
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