Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jake One: Producer Talks To Seattle Times About Upcoming Freeway Album & More

Seattle superproducer Jake One recently released 40 minutes of hiphop with rapper Freeway, one of the most original voices in rap, on a free downloadable mixtape called "The Beat Made Me Do It."

The compositions are simple: looped samples of funk and soul records Jake likes from the late '70s and early '80s. He made the whole thing in three or four hours, he estimates.

"I just grabbed some records and looped 'em up. [Freeway] wanted to do a mixtape and I didn't want to do what everyone else does, rap on 'A Milli' or whatever beat is hot at the moment."

Jake and Freeway are a team; the mixtape promotes "Stimulus Package," the duo's album coming out Febrary 2010.

Jake says during the week the mixtape came together, he would email Freeway a track, and Freeway would make up little bits of rhyme off the top of his head and record them as he went along, stitching together verses, then email the tracks back. That's how most of the mixtape happened, with very little writing or planning.

"For him to do that, it's basically nothing. It's an exercise for him."

Really? Off the top of his head?

"Yeah, four bars, eight bars at a time and go back and do another. He's more about style. He has a really unique style. It's more about his rhythm and flows than what he's saying sometimes. It's about patterns."

Read the full article here:
Seattle Times - Catching up with Seattle superproducer Jake One as he works with Freeway, Dr. Dre, Brother Ali, Fatal Lucciauno

Download Freeway's mixtape here:
"The Beat Made Me Do It."

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