Monday, November 16, 2009

Busta Rhymes And Radio Personality Angie Martinez Visit Shyne In Belize

via The Belize Guardian

The entire Wave Radio nation was shocked Sunday night when they heard the voice of Trevor “Busta Rhymes” Smith live on the airwaves. Busta and Angie Martinez stopped by the studio after spending the day with Moses Michael Levy (Shyne) in celebration of his 31st birthday.

Angie Martinez is the most popular radio personality in New York City. Her popularity on the airwave earned her the title of “The Voice of New York.” She was a little emotional when asked how it felt to spend time with a free Moses Michael Levy. She said it was overwhelming and she described him as not only being a great friend but also as a brother.

Though Moses did not go on air, the telephone lines were busy with supporters who wanted to welcome Busta and Angie to Belize and wish Moses a happy birthday. By the time the hour long interview by Wave Radio’s Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar and Alfrain Supaul was completed, outside of Wave Radio was packed with fans who wanted to meet Busta, Angie and Moses. And though most will remember Busta’s two-minute long display of lyrical genius, what he would like everyone to remember is when he said, “Belize needs to be the place supporting Shyne the most. He has so much love and support outside of Belize but here is where the greatest support needs to come from!”(source)

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