Friday, November 27, 2009

Inertia: Putting Texas Rap Back On The Map (Interview)

(photo courtesy of Ozone Magazine)

via Quick Dallas Fort Worth

Quick Dallas Fort Worth: How did you connect with Play-N-Skillz and their G4 Muzik record label?

Inertia: Most people think it was a lucky overnight hookup or favoritism, but I spent a lot of years grinding on the streets. I do everything I can to build up my name by performing and networking at all of the conferences, showcases and hot spots. I always try to keep my name relevant, and I guess that helped me eventually connect with [Play-N-Skillz]. There are always out-of-towners that can see you perform and be impressed, but once they leave the city they forget about you, so I am blessed to be able to connect with real people from D-FW who made it.

Quick Dallas Fort Worth: How would you describe your rap style for those people who haven't heard you yet?

Inertia: I would say my style is a mixture of the animated energy of Ludacris with the twisting ability of Twista. I try to apply my own flow to songs whether it's straight-up rap, pop or even a funny track. Sometimes I make records for the streets, but I also work on making different songs for all fans.

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  1. lol i remember running my subway and he came in and i fed him. alot! how cool you made this far. i remember when you was first starting out kinda! and i still have my pic of you at my store