Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wyclef Jean Goes Back To School At Berklee Collage Of Music

via the Boston Herald

Attending Berklee has been a goal of the 37-year-old, Haitian-born Wyclef’s since high school. Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then New Jersey, he dropped out of Five Towns College of Long Island to devote himself to the Fugees full time. Now he’s fulfilling his dream of finishing college at Berklee.

“Berklee’s the best,” he said. “It’s like you’ve got the Honda and you’ve got the Ferrari. I don’t take the Honda no more. I moved up from the Honda. I’m like, give me the Ferrari. Give me the 360 Modena that’s fully equipped with the best. And that’s Berklee. From the studio programs to the theory programs to the ensembles, there’s nothing like it. Because I’m telling you, I live in the studio. I could have just been here recording an album right now. This is the truth.”

Though Wyclef has family in Boston and visits regularly, he hasn’t spent much time on the Berklee campus studying this semester or checking out Boston. He does most of his schoolwork via online courses; his few trips to campus have been for one-on-one classes with professors.

“I was incognito a few times,” he said. “I did come in for some classes, but it’s like I come in and I just jump in the car with my driver and then I’m out. I mostly do the online class. But next semester I’m telling my record company and my manager that I want to be here more. Because what I’ve learned already is that when I’m one-on-one with a teacher or physically in a class, I’m gonna get more out of it.”

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