Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pac Div Interview Posted Online

via Showing Out

Showing Out: Your mixtape and EP don’t really have that West Coast sound, so to speak. Was that a conscious move on your part not to have that West Coast, G-Funk kind of sound?

BeYoung: It just came natural. We just took our own approach to it. Everything that we put down, we tried to keep it true to us. And the influence was definitely there, you can hear it in some of the language and some of the words and stuff like that we use. It’s not what the music industry is used to from the West Coast. It’s not what’s been put out before. It’s carrying on. We’re just trying to carry the torch for Snoop and them dudes. They’ve been holding it down for so long, somebody else gotta step up and bring something new to the table. So that’s where we at.

Showing Out: You guys are all former basketball players. What was on your pump up playlist?

Like: Anything from Ghostface to Tupac to Tribe to uh - it’s a lot, anything.

BeYoung: Capone-N-Noreaga.

Like: Kurupt. A lot of Crip walking music.

BeYoung: Kurupt, when Streetz Iz a Mutha was out. Tupac will get you hype before a game, too. And Bone Thugs will get you hype, too.

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Showing Out - Exclusive Q&A: Pac Div

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